Mom and the Doctor

Today, my mom needed me. She seemed very upset. It was her yearly visit with the doctor to go over all the medicines and herself. I sat like a very alert and good girl. The worry and nervous aura she had in the office made me uncomfortable. The doctor did not seem like he was interested in her concerns. She tells him about our walks. Those are fun, as my ears perk up and I look at her. I can notice she is embarrassed. I want to love on her, so I lick her hand, I can only let her know everything will be okay. I comfort her. I want to jump in her lap and tell her, Mom, do not listen, I love you. He is not wise. He is judging you, just leave the room and hide. But then something happens, she stands up. I stand between her and the doctor with my back to her and my eyes on him. She is saying something to him. She is very upset. We leave. That is it. We walk out of the clinic, and to our car. Finally, we are going home. She has stuff coming out her eyes, and her head down on the wheel. What is she doing? Someone knocks on her window. It is a nurse. They talk for a moment and Mom pulls out of the parking lot. I lay down across the middle and she talks to me. She is saying something fast, I catch her saying the doctor saying the pain is because of her weight. What is weight? Wait. I can wait. That means longer than stay. It isn’t painful to wait. That doctor is a silly guy. She goes on by saying he never does something… takes her seriously. When she stood up she was angry, I could feel it. I was glad I was with her because her anger and temper can get a bit raged if I am not there to help her calm down. It is like she snaps into someplace else. I love to help my mom. I am glad I was there today. We also got a Starbucks pup cup and a treat from Petsmart. I love being a service dog for my mom. She always tells me “Zoey, we are working, behave.”

Mom and Zoey

2 thoughts on “Mom and the Doctor”

  1. I love that you’ve done a blog from the perspective of your dog. (I did the same thing, haha!) Zoey seems like a sweetie! I also like the color palette you’ve chosen – the soft pastels and white seem to fit Zoey’s sweet and patient personality that you’ve conveyed in this post. (-Brenna)


  2. I love the site, Zoey! Those nature trails look pretty relaxing, I’d like to visit them myself! Everyone probably wishes they had a best friend like you, and I know your mom is happy to have you! (Thanks for the talk & interview last week, Casey!) -Hannah Hanlon


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