Trails to Walk

We have hiked many trails around the low country area! Here are some of our favorites!

The Green Creek Trail is 1.4 mile round trip with great dips and all paved. Located near Bryan County Sports Complex, it is tucked right off Hwy 144 and Spur 144. It is peaceful and never too crowded. It is a place you can hike before heading to the Bark Park to play with new friends.

Our next hiking spot is in White Oak, GA. The trail is well maintained. There is also an old bridge across a small river that is being used for fishing. There is plenty of birds and wildlife seen along the trail.

J.F. Gregory is a spot we love to go to on a weekly basis! The site is always welcoming and the people walking are so friendly. And if you catch me at the right time of day, I get to chase a squirrel!

Mom and the Doctor

Today, my mom needed me. She seemed very upset. It was her yearly visit with the doctor to go over all the medicines and herself. I sat like a very alert and good girl. The worry and nervous aura she had in the office made me uncomfortable. The doctor did not seem like he was… Continue reading Mom and the Doctor

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