Barks Treats Toys

My mom signed us up for when I was a puppy. I have to say some of those toys are my favorite! The treats are awesome too. The website is simple and you can get a monthly subscription starting at $22.00 and you get two toys, two bags of treats and some cool other stuff! It is always themed out each month too! This month it is Valentine’s day! Last month it was comic book themed! I saw some awesome pictures on the barkbox site and here is my favorite! Aren’t these boxes awesome! Look at all that stuff you dogs can get!

If you are a super rough and tough dog that likes to chew up stuff like my brother Zeus, they have a barkbox for you too!Β 

These super chewer boxes are made for the dogs like my brother in mind! He can chew through anything. And they are themed just like the regular boxes too! With yummy treats too! Here is a cool friend taking advantage of one of those boxes! With his chewing ability no toy may stand in his way!

They even have a shop so Mom can grab those favorite toys and treats that I destroyed! I love Β 

Its pretty awesome! If you want to grab your own barkbox, Mom has a code to get yours at

You can get started today! And you won’t be disappointed!

Paw love from ZoeythePitsky!