Zoey And Her Pack

Zoey and Her Pack

Somedays I, Zoey, lead a pack of amazing dogs into the abyss. Not really! This is Paige (the white lady in the back) looking fabulous in her grey sweater! And Zeus, he is my knuckhead in the orange. Yes, he was adopted. We know he looks goofy, but he fits in. He is a huge love turd. And Paige, you better not let her steal your heart, if so she will snore on you. And myself, I am softer than a teddy bear and extremely clingy. I love attention. It is mandated that I get at least 45 minutes of every hour of your day possible. But I love my pack and wouldn’t change it for the world. I have a human pack too! They are crazy! We will get to them later! But hey why don’t you take a sniff around and see this crazy site!Β