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Hey, I am Zoeythepitsky!

I am a superhero dog! I wear a vest/cape. I jump, run, bark, grunt, and have fun. Most importantly I love my human, Casey. And her pack- family that loves me. I have two other dog siblings too. Paige and Zeus. Paige is like my older sister and Zeus is the younger brother. *But my mom tells me she loves me the most.* What is a Pitsky! It is a Staffordshire Terrier and Husky Mix. AKA the BEST DOG EVER!

See I am two now, and I have been through some awesome training with my mom. She has some unique skill sets. Let’s say she was a superhero herself in her days before me. She always tells me stories about them, I love to listen. Some are funny, some are sad, and some are scary, but together we get through them all.

We are always finding new adventures. I love to travel. My mom loves to find new places to take me. The hikes are the best. But the sun in my eyes, not so much! If you know someone who makes doggy sunglasses, I am your gal to try them out! We love off-leash everything. I learned to stay on the path. I love running next to her while she rides her bike too! If you see us out say Hello!!

We are a team. I cannot wait to tell you more! Join us! Follow us! Hike with us! I am her service dog for PTSD. I became that at 1 1/2. I had a lot of training to go through. It is very important to tell you that PTSD service dogs are training to help their moms from a lot of stuff. I keep her calm, cool, and relaxed in many stressful situations. But I only work for her. Other people make me nervous, simply put, she needs me and I need her.

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